The free version: Stated very simply, I really enjoy making marks and manipulating materials. 

I mostly make prints and tend to focus on one technique at a time. Historically I've probably done intaglio the most, but I've also done a lot of screenprinting. Lately, I've been working in stone lithography. Occasionally, I even make some woodcuts and monotypes. I also enjoy combining print techniques.

Alongside the printmaking, I am always mixing collage, painting, drawing, and building into my creative practice. 

I explore a number of different conceptual "themes" in my visual art including geometric abstraction, serial narrative, and the complexity of civilization/society in the twenty-first century and my struggles with it.

I am a maximalist. My work tends to be active and colorful which at times belies the ideas informing it.

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I adore dogs, and animals and usually prefer them to people. I am a meme enthusiast. I love (and hate) playing golf and fantasy football. When the weather is warm here in Minnesota, I cannot be outside enough. Much of that time is spent tending to my garden beds. 

Pictured at left is me and Ester amongst some goldenrod, summer 2020.