Artist Statement:

My practice is not governed by absolutes,  in substance and process, I am flexible. I typically  utilize an inclusive color pallete along with myriad techniques and materials to create works, mostly on paper. While concrete ideas inform my work, my primary motivation is simply to create something aesthetically pleasing, an object of beauty. A pretty picture can transport a viewer, enabling a moment of escape and for that reason it remains a valid artistic pursuit.

My work responds to the fallibility and promise of humankind. Together with memories and their associated feelings, allusions and editorializations are made to the splendor of the natural world, contemporary land use, and society.

The direct, physical, aggressive manner I use to create delicate works coincides with our treatment of the planet and its inhabitants. The action and fullness in the compositions reflects my of my outlook. Although the work is at times thematically heavy, my approach is playful and intuitive. This embedded contradiction reinforces the conflicting ideas that inform my practice.

Whether the meaning is easily extracted, remains elusive, or is misinterpreted is less important than the sensory impact of the work. As human beings in the twenty-first century, we are confronted with too many ugly distractions; my ultimate goal as an artist is to create some beautiful ones.


I adore dogs, and animals and usually prefer them to people. I love (and hate) playing golf and fantasy football. With the long winters we have here in Minnesota, when the weather gets warm I find that I simply cannot be outside enough. Much of that time is spent tending to my garden beds. 

The photo on the left is me with my scruffy mutt Ester in the summer of 2020.