Artist Statement:

While there is an overwhelming amount of beauty in our world, people can be unconscionably terrible. The area between the extremes of beauty and badness is the space we navigate as human beings in the twenty-first century. My artwork is like a diary that documents my physical and emotional observations and experiences traversing this space. Alongside memories and their associated feelings, allusions and editorializations are made to the splendor of the natural world, man-made elements of our landscape, contemporary culture and humankind’s role (for better and worse) in shaping these. 

The conflicting forces of hopefulness and despair are omnipresent in my worldview and this is evident in my work. Using varied gestures and techniques with a vast color palette, I establish divergent emotions to simultaneously represent the fallibility and promise of humankind. The direct, physical, aggressive approachI employ to create delicate works on paper coincides with our treatment of the planet and its inhabitants. Although it is often thematically “heavy”, my working style is playful and intuitive and this contradiction echoes the fluctuations of my outlook.

Aligning my practice with my value system is an ongoing process. Reducing waste by re-purposing materials is a step toward that reconciliation. My collages are primarily composed of waste printmaking materials (failed proofs, positives, etc.) and I only use found wood to build frames; the majority of which is removed directly from the waste stream.

About me:

I am an enthusiast of many things including music, film, food, animals, plants, and the Simpsons - I can still relate most real-life situations to specific scenes. I live in Minnesota with my favorite Sarah and our shaggy monster Maleah (pictured).